Fabrication and Consultation

Fabrication services are a critical component of JKM BUILT.

We excel at figuring out the best way to make and produce an art project from concept to finished product. Skilled in traditional sculptural methods, such as woodwork and metalwork, we also are familiar with advanced technologies such as full CAD package production, waterjet cutting, CNC, 3D Printing, and more. In addition, choosing JKM BUILT, gives the client access to a network of specialized subcontractors, with whom we have years of successful collaboration. In short, when you choose JKM BUILT, you choose to get your project done.

In addition to providing fabrication services, we can also provide advice. Whether you're an artist looking for a new direction or a designer needing input, we can help.



Fabrication for Al Farrow

Fabrication for Al Farrow

Consultation for Kim Thoman


More Portfolio Work.