Project Management

Project Management, People Skills, & Patience

JKM Built, led by John K Melvin, is founded on the importance of creative thinking in the context of management.    If you need project management, John brings a wealth of experience and out of the box thinking. 

John has consistently and successfully solved a wide variety of creative challenges diverse in scale and complexity.   He has worked in a number of industries including construction, insurance, legal, telecommunications, warehousing, education, and metalwork.  

If your project is community based, John has worked with local community organizations in San Francisco across a wide array of specialties.  From civic organizations such as the Boys & Girls Club to environmental organizations such as the Golden Gate Audubon, John has successfully heeded the call of community missions. 

If your project is internationally based, John has spent time managing projects in Bali, Dubai, and France.

Over the years, John has established a vast network of arts professionals and should you have a massive project in need of management, John can also provide staffing solutions.

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